About Us

Welcome to KG7 Media

About Us

Welcome to KG7 Media

Who Are We

KG7 Media is a full-service marketing agency committed to developing online marketing strategies for dental practices based upon your unique needs and budget requirements.

Our Mission

We are committed to growing dental practices’ bottom line through a combination of driving qualified leads and getting those leads into the chair. We offer our clients a full-service marketing experience with an emphasis on developing the customer relationship. We provide an open communication style with our clients that builds relationships designed to last for years.

Achieving your goals is the reason why we are in business. And we have the resources and expertise to make them a reality.

What We Do

Our Unique 6-Step Process



Our first step is to connect with you and learn about your practice. We want to understand what your unique needs are and devise a marketing budget that fits.


Marketing Plan

We will work with you to develop a marketing plan specifically tailored to your needs.



We will service any of your design needs, such as a new or revised logo, website, or graphics.



After we know your unique needs and budget requirements, we will implement your marketing strategy. Depending upon your needs and what will work best for you, this could include any combination of local SEO, PPC, or social media ads.



SEO and online advertising, whether PPC or social media, needs constant attention. We will continuously monitor your ad performance to make sure that you are getting optimal results.



We focus on developing lasting relationships with our clients through building partnerships. We believe in keeping an open line of communication with our clients. Your success is the reason why we are in business.

Why Choose Us?

At KG7 Media, we are committed to your success. Our staff has the resources and the experience to make your financial dreams come true.

Unlike most marketing agencies, we place our emphasis on working with dental practices. We have the experience of being in over 65 locations across the nation, so we understand the unique requirements of the dental industry. And unlike most other marketing agencies who merely run your advertising campaigns in the background, we will partner with you to help you convert those leads into patients. We will not just give you more high-quality leads, we will make you a better business owner.

Our division managers at KG7 Media have extensive experience in their respective specialties. Need help with SEO? Your work will be performed by a trained expert. Need a website? Our web designers are seasoned pros who know what makes an excellent website that will convert visitors into customers.

We provide comprehensive and proactive marketing strategies that are proven to generate online leads for dental practices. We specialize in getting you more implant and cosmetic work.

Unlike most marketing agencies, we focus on dental practices. We are in over 65 markets across the nation and have an intimate understanding of what dental practices need in order to thrive in competitive market places.

And unlike your average marketing agency that merely run your marketing campaigns in the background, we provide coaching and training to assist your staff in closing the leads that we give you. We will not just give you more leads, we will make you a better business owner.

Our team will perform a comprehensive audit of your dental practice and devise a marketing plan designed to maximize return on your investment, regardless of your budget.

We provide more than just SEO and online marketing. We have a graphics team to design logos, websites, and any other promotional materials that your business needs. Do you need a video production? We do that service too. We are a one-stop resource for all of your marketing and promotional needs.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Contact us today to find out if we are a fit for your practice. We would honored to be your partner in success.